Interested gardeners from the University of Central Florida or neighboring community are invited to try their green thumbs at the UCF Arboretum’s Adopt-A-Plot program starting this fall.

Participants on teams of two or more are assigned a plot at the Arboretum to grow their own herbs and vegetables.

“The program is designed to provide a gardening opportunity that integrates educational and community components,” said Alex Stringfellow, garden manager for the Arboretum.

The Arboretum will provide gardening tools during select hours each week, and participants must provide their own seeds or plants, which cannot be invasive.

Gardeners also are required to dedicate at least two hours of labor per week to their plots.

“We hope that the program will develop into a longstanding student and community partnership,” said Stringfellow. “We would love to see a large diversity of thriving, edible plant life grown by a wide variety of people.”

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