Five economically-challenged elementary schools will benefit from the money raised by students enrolled in Carolyn Massiah’s MAR 3023 course.The marketing students collected $5,473 as part of the “Box Tops for Education” program. Each box top, when submitted by an elementary school, is worth 10 cents.  Massiah’s classes have been participating in the program since the Fall 2009 semester and have raised a total of $16,973 to date. The money will be divided equally among the schools. The elementary schools that will receive the funding are: Lake Weston, Pineloch, Palmetto, Phyllis Wheatley and Ivey Lane. The schools are very thankful for the funding and use the money for a variety of purposes such as purchasing supplies, installing white boards in the classrooms, and helping to fund school field trips. You can learn more about the program by visiting the Box Tops for Education website.