A unique program designed to significantly improve a person’s ability to learn by exercising the areas of the brain responsible for learning, celebrated the Grand Opening of its first Brain Development Center in Orlando in March 2009. Located in Southwest Orlando, the program assesses cognitive skills and sensory motor integration and identifies the underlying cause of a child’s learning difficulties.Most importantly, the program provides a set of physical and computer-based exercises to improve the areas of the brain that are underdeveloped.

Nationally renowned psychologist, Jim Fadigan, Ph.D. founded Learn To Learn knowing that his brain development program could help thousands of adults and children suffering from ADD, ADHD, memory problems or other learning “disabilities.” According to a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal in March 2009, brain development/stimulation has become a growing industry for not only children, but adults too. Learn To Learn’s program can even help slow the effects of dementia in the growing senior population.

The same concepts from neuroscience that enable stroke survivors with brain damage to build new pathways are applied to overcoming learning difficulties. Research has found that intelligence is not fixed and can be improved with targeted training of the areas of the brain responsible for learning.

According to Dr. Fadigan, “This breakthrough program addresses learning difficulties in an entirely new way which does not involve medications or discipline. Unlike tutoring and other familiar programs that address only the symptoms of learning difficulties, Learn To Learn precisely identifies and targets the underlying cause of these symptoms, at the brain level. Then, by utilizing fun, interactive exercises, permanent cognitive improvement is achieved.”

Dean Fresonke, President of Learn To Learn of Central Florida, Inc., became involved in the program when his son Alex was labeled as ADD in 4th grade. After putting him through an early version of the program, Alex transformed himself into a straight A student. Today Alex is a junior at UCF in the Civil Engineering program.

Learn To Learn, Inc. is a client company of the UCF Business Incubation Program at the Downtown Orlando facility. To learn more call 407-275-5550, email info@LearnToLearn.com, or visit www.LearnToLearn.com/orlando.