A new hub on UCF’s campus offers students a one-stop shop for job hunting and internship opportunities.

The 25,000-square-foot Career Services Experiential Learning Building, which was completed in November, is much larger than the departments’ former offices and offers additional services for student job seekers.

The new building — between the Fairwinds Alumni Center and Psychology building — features more space for workshops and meetings with peer advisers or potential employers, a computer lab for students to edit their resumes — and even a “shower room” where job candidates can freshen up before an interview.

“In our previous location, we had to schedule employers to meet with students all over campus because of a lack of space,” said Lynn Hansen, executive director for Career Services. “Now we’re able to offer more services to the students and provide them with more opportunities that will help them land a job or internship.”

The new facility has 20 private interview rooms, including a boardroom-style practice interview suite. Inside, a camera can record students’ interviews, which helps career counselors give students more in-depth feedback on how they did.

Live broadcasting technology allows out-of-state and international employers to regularly interview students without having to travel to UCF. Career Services has already used the technology to connect students with employers in Alaska and the Caribbean.

Located on the building’s third floor, the Office of Experiential Learning in Undergraduate Studies helps students apply what they’re learning in the classroom through experience in the workforce.

This office helps students on all UCF campuses find internship and co-op opportunities and teaches experiential learning courses.  Students can access the Experiential Learning database system at http://www.explearning.ucf.edu to learn about available opportunities and can come into the office for advising on a walk-in basis.

“Our goal is to help all students participate in major-related experience before they graduate, and the new features in this facility give us the resources to accomplish that,” said Sheri Dressler, the director of the department.

With work-related experiences becoming even more important for students before they graduate, Dressler says that the new facility “gives us much greater visibility and sends a message to employers that the university is serious about experience outside the classroom.”

Career Services also plans to offer real-time online workshops for students at UCF’s Regional Campus locations, with a $45,000 technology grant to provide laptops for interactive learning offered with on-site workshops and resource demonstrations. The office also helps to virtually connect the campuses so they can interact in career-related trainings and meetings.

Students can access Career Services resources from anywhere via their computers. KnightLink, a jobs database maintained by Career Services, helps connect students and alumni to potential employers. The database is accessible via the Career Services website at http://www.career.ucf.edu.

UCF’s Student Government Association funded the building for the benefit of the student body. Career Services remains the university’s first stepping stone for students who many not know which career field or major is right for them.

Career Services is hosting its Spring 2011 Career Expo from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 1, at the UCF Arena.

The Office of Experiential Learning is holding a campus-wide Co-op and Internship Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 2, in the Student Union’s Cape Florida Ballroom.

To learn more about the career expo and other opportunities from Career Services, go to http://www.career.ucf.edu. For more information on the Co-op and Internship Fair and the Office of Experiential Learning, visit http://www.explearning.ucf.edu.