Premier Beverage Company of Florida and the Rosen College of Hospitality Management announce a “Partnership for Fine Wine & Spirits Education.” The initiative will enhance the current course curriculum to include quality beverages from around the world.

To kick off the partnership, Dr. Frank Juge invited Premier Beverage executives to the Rosen Campus during the summer 2011 semester.  Vice President, Eric Pfeil and State Director of Education, Al Beck, met with Dr. Juge, Dean Abraham Pizam, Dr. Joe Hutchinson, Professor Bob Ashley, Lori Cosmides and Jackie Toops in The Courtyard Café.  Following the meet and greet, the Premier guests spoke with students in Dr. Juge’s History & Culture of Wine and Exploring Wines of the World classes.

Dr. Juge shares, “Approximately one third of the profit from restaurants comes from wine sales. In order to be effective managers of such restaurants, it is essential that students appreciate and understand fine wines and food pairings. The Premier gift provides students with the opportunity to learn about an expanded selection of quality wines that are served in fine dining restaurants.”

The education will offer a well-rounded approach which will include the historical, geographical and technical components of fine wines and spirits. Student knowledge will be reinforced with a series of guest lecturers from industry notables and trips to wine producing regions.

Premier Beverage is excited to partner with Rosen College.  Mr. Pfeil explains that the opportunity “demonstrates that both organizations are committed to gaining more knowledge and education, as well as increasing sales and profits.”  He adds, “At Premier Beverage, we constantly strive to support continuing education with our Sales Associates.  In this regard, it’s important that future managers completely understand how a beverage alcohol program can increase revenue and profits.”

Mr. Beck shares, “It is a relationship that should reap benefits for both parties. We believe that the future success of Premier Beverage is closely linked to Rosen College graduates entering the industry.”

Premier Beverage Company is the premier wholesale distributor of fine wines and spirits in Florida. To learn more, visit their website.