UCF’s newly hired vice president for research, Elizabeth “Liz” Klonoff, hasn’t even started full time yet but is already featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education as she shared her ideas on acquiring and using research funding.

In addition to building on UCF’s success through the years of getting grants from government and corporate partners, Klonoff also hopes to complement those investments with smaller local partnerships “that the community finds important and relevant.”

“Universities are more than just those disciplines that can generate research dollars,” she said in her interview, adding that the local studies she has worked on in her career “engendered a lot of goodwill.”

Klonoff is coming to UCF from a joint appointment at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego, where she is co-director of the joint doctoral program in clinical psychology.

At UCF, she also was hired to be dean of the College of Graduate Studies. She began her UCF duties part time in July and is scheduled to be full time by Oct. 1.

She will be responsible for advancing UCF’s impact as a metropolitan research university by increasing graduate enrollment, primarily for research-focused degrees, and boosting the quality of the university’s research.

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