New business Dean Paul Jarley is excited to join a university that has experienced unprecedented growth and success in just 50 years. He is also enthusiastic that UCF has so many first-generation college students.

“I was a first-generation college student. I know that a great education opens your eyes to a world of possibilities; helps you make good choices; and gives you the confidence, skills and ability to compete with anyone, anywhere,” he said.

“Leading a college that delivers on its promise to transform students is what gets me up in the morning!”

Jarley came to UCF from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he served as dean and professor of Management for the past five years. Prior to that position, he was the senior associate dean and the Gatton Endowed Professor of Management at the University of Kentucky. He has also held faculty and administrative positions at Louisiana State University and the University of Iowa. He earned his Ph.D. in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He has extensive global academic experience. He is a visiting professor at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, and has taught at the Burgundy School of Business, Dijon Bourgogne, France. He was a visiting Fulbright Research Scholar at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

In addition to his academic experience, Jarley is widely published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Industrial Relations Journal, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Journal of Labor Research and the Academy of Management Journal. He is currently on the editorial board at the Journal of Labor Research.

Jarley is a big fan of social media and uses it regularly to communicate with his constituents.

“It allows me to make a big place feel small. I can directly communicate with large numbers of students, faculty, staff and friends of the college, many of whom I may rarely meet face to face,” he said.

“Social media also give me the opportunity to understand the UCF experience in real time, give students advice about how to get the most out of their time in college, and engage the UCF College of Business Administration community in a dialogue about our future.”

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