This summer, the Counseling Center is offering a variety of therapy and support groups to meet the needs of the UCF students. The center offers two “Interpersonal Relationships” groups that explore issues and gain knowledge to build healthier relationships with family, co-workers, friends or romantic partners. The “Experiential and Emotion-Focused” therapy group concentrates on deep personal exploration of the self and helps students get a better understanding of their inner process and how to communicate in the most authentic way. The “It’s my Body,”  an eating disorder and body image treatment group helps students struggling with unhealthy patterns with eating and food or difficulties with body image and self-acceptance.

In addition to the therapy groups, the center offers a variety of open support groups. The “Relaxation and Guided Imagery” group teaches students to manage stress and increase self-confidence. Students do not need to sign up for this group and can attend as many sessions as they would like. The “Thesis & Dissertation Support” group offers a supportive environment for graduate students to overcome obstacles, manage relationships with advisors and committee members, and cope with the stress and anxiety associated with the thesis and dissertation process. The center also offers an “Improve Your Mood Workshop” which teaches students effective strategies to cope with mild to moderate depression.

The Counseling Center is a department of Student Development and Enrollment Services division. For group and workshop schedules, call the Counseling Center at 407.823.2811.