About two dozen MBA executives from Madrid University are getting an in-depth look at one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations as part of the Executive Development Center’s (EDC) International Residency Program. Participants are enrolled in Madrid University’s Executive MBA program. It will be the second time that the EDC (part of the UCF College of Business Administration) has hosted the Escuela de Organización International (EOI). The EOI was founded by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education to provide engineers with management and organizations skills.

While in town, the students are learning about Central Florida’s history and development, the challenges and economic impact of area tourism and the global economy’s effects on Orlando.

“The goal of the program is to use Orlando as a vehicle for students to practice the concepts that they’ve learned in their own academic studies,” said Tiffany Hughes, an associate director at UCF’s Executive Development Center.

“The activities and presentations are intended to provide students the perspective of doing business in and with Central Florida,” she said. “We expect the students will be able to use what they learn and experience here in their personal and professional careers.”

The itinerary includes a behind-the-scenes tour at SeaWorld, The Florida Mall, a U.S. Army simulation and training technology center and Indra Systems Inc. There also are presentations from UCF College of Business Administration faculty members, the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc., the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, the Florida High Tech Corridor and the UCF Business Incubation Program.