The Sophomore & Second Year Center (SSYC) staff is excited to announce the unveiling of an enhanced office Web site to improve technology connections with sophomores and second year freshmen. The revamped Web site will offers a number of new features including a second year success guide, a comprehensive resource section for undeclared and major exploration students, strategically placed slideshows, and future live advising-chat capability.

The new design will be an improved user-friendly format to assist in offering support services to students in a way that provides resource information, and answers questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, the site will have major and career exploration resources, connections to the college advising offices, monthly “Spotlights” on academic and campus support office resources and other information of potential interest to sophomores to keep then engaged and involved at UCF. This information will be strategically placed throughout the site which will help facilitate student learning.

“With these new features we hope to better serve the sophomore and second year population at UCF by making information more obtainable, usable and straightforward,” said Bob Snow, director SSYC.

The Office of the Sophomore & Second Year Center is in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES).