University of Central Florida Debate Team alumni reunited at the Fairwinds Alumni Center on Friday, Feb. 11.The reception was co-sponsored by the Nicholson School of Communication and the College of Sciences. 

Attendees included Dean Peter Panousis and Margaret LeClair from the College of Sciences and Robert Chandler, Steve Collins and Sydne Kasle from the Nicholson School of Communication.

Former debaters Michael Swann, Ed Foster, Richard Millian, Tom Marcinko and Mike Buchanan reunited with one another and their former coach, Professor Jeff Butler. 

The evening helped to kick off the start of the UCF Debate Tournament as former debaters met with the current team.  The alumni also took a campus tour and attended the UCF vs. Tulsa basketball game.

“The campus tour was simply amazing,” said Richard Millian.  “Those who missed the reunion would hardly recognize the university.”

The visiting alumni were in awe of the new buildings, football stadium and restaurants as many of them had not visited the campus since the late 1970s.

“The team was very impressive and I think they have a great future,” said Ed Foster.  “I am so glad debate is coming back to UCF.”