The University of Central Florida will set new records for students’ academic quality and diversity this fall while potentially enrolling more than 60,000 students for the first time.

UCF has 241 National Merit Scholars enrolled this semester, including 67 in the fall freshman class. UCF will be among the top 50 universities nationwide for the total number of scholars enrolled for the third consecutive year.

National Merit Scholars compete in a scholarship program that begins with more than 1 million entries and ends with about 15,000 scholars who are well-rounded academically and in their extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

The average SAT score for UCF’s fall freshman class is 1244 without the writing section and 1831 with the writing section. Both totals are the second-highest in university history. The average GPA is 3.9, tied for the best ever for a fall freshman class.

The number of UCF students who are minorities continues to grow. Based on preliminary enrollment figures, the percentage of students who are minorities stands at 39.3, up from 27.4 in fall 2002.

As of Thursday, during the third week of the fall semester, UCF’s preliminary enrollment was 60,048.