Most of the Health and Public Affairs I building will reopen Wednesday, Oct. 19, and classes and operations will resume their normal schedules in the reopened parts of the building.

Classes and Labs:

All but a handful of the building’s classrooms and labs will reopen Wednesday.

The remainder of the building’s classrooms and labs will reopen Thursday, Oct. 20. Those are classrooms 116, 117, 246 and 272 and labs in room 250.

Students and faculty members who have classes scheduled in the above rooms Wednesday will receive an email today from the Registrar’s Office with the location of where they should report for classes.

Students with labs scheduled in room 250 should contact the Physical Therapy office for more information.


For offices, the following rooms will open Wednesday: 105, 124/a/b, 204/a/b/c/d, 208-230, 232-240, 244/a, 253-255/a, 256-264, 266-271, 304-330, 361, 362 and 365.

The following rooms will open Thursday: 244b, 245, 247, 248, 249, 251 and 252

Offices 334-360 will remain closed and could reopen next week.

The College of Health and Public Affairs will communicate directly with faculty and staff members who work in offices that are closed about where they should report during the closures.

The building has been closed Monday and Tuesday to accommodate the assessment and repairs of damage caused by a fire early Sunday morning.