UCF faculty, staff and students are involved in a multiyear project to enhance transfer students’ experiences at the university.

Transfer students, who constitute more than half of new UCF undergraduates, are the focus of a survey that covers everything from academic advising to student support services to university culture.

Students can take the 15-minute survey here; faculty and staff can access it here. (The survey is open for students until Feb. 27 and for faculty and staff until Feb. 16.)

All responses are anonymous, but they will be used to help guide new practices and policies to enrich transfer students’ experiences and drive successes in the classroom and beyond as part of the Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative.

Already, more than 15,000 and over 1,000 faculty and staff members have taken the Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative Survey. This survey, created in part by national experts at the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education and by faculty and staff across campus, will help identify evidence-based ways of advancing transfer students’ success while at UCF.

As part of the Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative, nearly a dozen committees made up of faculty, staff and students are exploring multiple areas, including student support, diversity and inclusion, academic goals, engagement and culture.

The results of the survey and the work of the committees will be made available on UCF’s Foundations of Excellence website later this year.

Existing resources for transfer students are available from UCF’s Transfer & Transition Services office.