This wasn’t quite the open hand to Iran that President Obama promised – unless you think of one delivering a slap.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking Friday at a State Department conference beamed live to the University of Central Florida, was asked about Iran’s efforts to make friends in Latin America, particularly with Venezuela and Bolivia. Mrs Clinton called that “a really bad idea” for those nations, pointing out that Iran is “the major supporter, exporter and promoter of terrorism in the world today.”

Which is all true. But it’s brutally frank – and refreshing – to hear from America’s top diplomat. The world has been far too patient with Iran’s sponsorship of terror, as well as its nuclear program.

Participation in the conference was a coup for UCF and its Global Perspectives Office. UCF was one of just three schools nationwide whose students took part. The other two were in New York and San Antonio.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, by Paul Owens, December, 11 2009 3:08 PM