RINI Technologies of Oviedo Florida is involved in what is called thermal management. The company specializes in advanced Evaporative Spray Cooling (ESC), Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions and Miniature Refrigeration Systems for application to high-power lasers, power electronics, and personal cooling devices.

RINI Technologies works with the United States Military, doing research and development on vests that soldiers can wear in extreme heat, such as in the Middle East. These vests carry tubes and a personal power pack to allow them to move about without hindrance even during the hottest times of the day.

“Heat stress is a major problem,” Rini said. “It’s not just uncomfortable; it affects soldiers physiologically also. Their mental capacity can be compromised and physical endurance is degraded. Imagine being outside here in Florida trying to do yard work in your winter clothes in the middle of summer. That’s what these guys do.

“We’ve been funded by the military to develop the world’s smallest refrigeration system, about the size of a water bottle. The soldiers wear it as part of their gear and the water flows thru tubing in a shirt inside the body armor.

“Personal cooling has never been able to be implemented before in a self- contained product. Right now everything we do is research and development but we are coming to the end of development cycle. In maybe another year we’ll transition into production. What we do right now is R&D but it’s not just for the sake of development, it’s to develop products that will go into production and procured by the military.”

Rini said the recession hasn’t had same effect on his company that it does on consumer-oriented companies.

“Contracts with the military take years to put in place and are more secure,” he said. “But there is a lot longer sales cycle. It has been challenging to balance the task load. The military has pulled back on spending in general. But what we’re doing is very specialized and unique and badly needed.”

Rini said he got involved in thermal management technologies “because I liked the subject matter but I wasn’t long into grad school once I started doing work in this area that not only did I enjoy it and was good at it but I started to see that there were business opportunities. I started formulating plans even during grad school. Many graduate research groups operate like small businesses. Professors are always writing research proposals to get grants from the National Science Foundation or military etc.”

Source: Albert R Sciuto, publisher, Success and Excellence, In Seminole Magazine and Seminole County Neighbors Newspaper. Mr Sciuto may be reached at 407-862-7737 ext 24, fax 407-862-8102, 999 Douglas Avenue, Ste 3317, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714 or at publisher@specedpub.com. Special Editions Publishing