Institute for Simulation & Training Research (IST) Associate Ravi Palaniappan will spend this summer in Japan promoting UCF and IST research in wireless networking and high-performance computing, courtesy of the Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences (JSPS).

The Society provides opportunities for young researchers from North America and Europe to receive an orientation on Japanese culture and research systems and to pursue research under the guidance of host researchers at Japanese universities and research institutes.

The High-Performance Computing Center at IST, powered by a 648-core IBM System Cluster 1350, in April marked its first anniversary online. Computing center researchers are seeking ways to develop direct interactive programs that enable the HPC, unlike traditional supercomputer batch processors, to provide near real-time results.

Palaniappan helped develop the high-performance computer’s networking capability to connect with UCF faculty and local industry through Internet links. He will share his research with faculty from Tsukuba University, Osaka University and Fukuoka Institute of Technology during the mid-June through August visit that will include stays in Tokyo, Yokohama and Fukuoka.