It’s time to tidy up UCF’s main campus to make it a safer, cleaner and healthier environment, say organizers of the third annual Campus Clean-Up.

On Thursday, July 29 and Friday, July 30, Clean-Up representatives will tag old construction materials, remnants of lab projects, debris and other unsightly trash improperly stored during a campus-wide survey. Departments responsible for the tagged materials will be notified so that necessary actions can be taken.

From Aug. 2 to 9, owners of the tagged items will be given the opportunity to dispose of the materials.

On Aug. 10, crews will remove items approved for disposal as well as any items not claimed, at a charge to the respective departments for labor and materials for the work.

Recyclable items will be deferred to Facilities Operations, and hazardous waste will be disposed according to state standards. The Campus Clean-Up committee plans to surplus tagged state property through the Facilities Operations surplus program.

Campus Clean-Up is an idea of UCF trustees. The Clean-Up committee comprises representatives from Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Planning, Facilities Operations, and Landscape & Natural Resources.

For more information on Campus Clean-Up, contact Alaina Bernard at 407-823-3146, or