We are very gratified that together the Lake Highland Preparatory School community raised $42,403.96 for Japanese Relief; with Harris Rosen’s matching gift, that’s a total of $84,807.92.

We will be working with Mr. Rosen and some of our Lake Highland Japanese families to make sure the money gets to people truly in need, without a large portion of the money being siphoned off to pay overhead of a non-profit.

Many thanks to the many individual donors, to the Girls Scouts, the members of the Art Club, and the benefit concert performers for their generosity and giving hearts.

Source: Excerpt from Lake Highland Preparatory School, by Mike Jakubisin, Director of Upper School, mikej@lhps.org

UCF Today Note: Mr. Harris Rosen is a UCF trustee, benefactor of UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and was recently named the Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2011.