Central Floridians are living in an era of increasing poverty in this country, evidenced by a six-year annual increase in the national poverty rate according to the UCF’s Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies “Poverty in Central Florida Report: Work, Wages and Well-being among the Region’s Low and Moderate Income Families.”

As the 2nd largest university in the nation with a population of well over 56,000 students, UCF decided to take a stand against this silent epidemic that is currently affecting many of our college campuses nationwide: hunger. The rising cost of living and unemployment play key factors on college hunger. 

Students at UCF decided to do something about this. That’s when the Knights Helping Knights (KHK) UCF Pantry was created. The KHK Pantry is a UCF program run by students, for students with the goal of assisting those struggling financially by providing them with food and other consumable items in a safe environment.

The Pantry is asking for your assistance. Donations gathered for the Pantry come from faculty, staff and other students who believe in KHK’s cause and want to make a difference.

For more information e-mail: Pantry@mail.ucf.edu or visit KHK Web site at: http://studentunion.ucf.edu/knights-pantry/.