As members of the UCF community return to campus for the New Year, they’ll notice a new message advertised on campus: Let’s Be Clear.

Let’s Be Clear messaging will be packaged with phrases about expectations for behavior as well as the availability of support resources for all students and faculty and staff members impacted by sexual and relationship violence.

“Let’s Be Clear supports the university’s goal of creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community by taking a strong stance against sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and other forms of relationship violence,” UCF President John C. Hitt said in a message to campus. “We do not tolerate any of those behaviors at UCF.”

Though UCF stands against sexual and relationship violence, the fact that they occur on university campuses and in our society cannot be ignored.

Through Let’s Be Clear, UCF aims to increase disclosure of sexual and relationship violence. The more people who come forward, the more who can be supported by campus and community resources.

A new text message disclosure option is being introduced to support that goal.

Now, anyone who wants to ask a question about sexual or relationship violence or disclose a related concern can text a victim advocate at 407-823-6868 at any time, night or day. UCF Victim Services, which has long offered confidential support to students, faculty and staff, also can continue to be reached 24/7 by calling 407-823-1200.

For many at UCF, texting is a more comfortable form of communication. Through a partnership with the messaging company Teckst, UCF is able to offer a safe and secure alternative for the campus community to connect directly with victim advocates.

“Now more than ever, communities need to be empowered to combat and address sexual and relationship violence of any kind,” said Matt Tumbleson, CEO and founder of Teckst. “We’re thrilled to partner with UCF for such an important initiative because communication is power for victims.”

Comprehensive information about what constitutes sexual violence, how UCF responds to such incidents, and how to get help is available at Reports to the Title IX coordinator also can be made on the Let’s Be Clear website.

Watch a message from students and faculty and staff members about Let’s Be Clear.