Step one of this year’s SDES Staff Wellness Challenge is simply getting out and walking more each day. That is exactly what these SDES staff members did on January 8th and 9th when they participated in a 1.5 mile walk around campus followed by a reduced price lunch at the Market Place.

This year approximately 174 participants representing 19 departments are actively participating in the challenge. Participants earn points by increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables, walking more throughout the day and attending workshops and activities planned specifically for the challenge.  Workshop topics include “Setting Goals for the New Year”, “Learning to Manage Stress” and “Getting a Good Knight’s Sleep”.  Each week there is an additional “mini wellness challenge” such as drinking more water, eating more whole grains or local fresh produce, or walking instead of using a golf cart to get around campus.

“I know everyone is improving on their major goals of eating more fruits and vegetables and moving more during the work day.  I also think everyone is able to work on personal goals and breaking down old ways of thinking that were barriers to wellness by seeing that little steps help and make you feel better” says Meghan Van Camp R.D. for Wellness and Health Promotion Services, who is coordinating the challenge.

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