Health care providers at the UCF Health Center flipped the script Jan. 31 and let the students ask all the questions as a variety of professionals attended  the “Ask a Doc – Careers in Health Care” event.

“While we’re not educators per say, we definitely fit that role in more ways than one at the Health Center,” said Megan Pabian, coordinator of the center’s community relations and public affairs. “Not only are we educating students about their own health, but we recognize the responsibility we have as medical professionals on a college campus to provide career mentoring.”

 The event is held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester and allows students to attain first-hand knowledge about medical professions. This year the panel included doctors, a physician assistant, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, a dietitian, a physical therapist, a pharmacist, a dentist and a dental hygienist.

“We have such a variety of professions represented in these four walls,” Pabian said. “It’s great to show students how many career options are out there and how we all work in support of one another with the same common goal – make our students healthier.”

The event is supported by the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and includes experts who can address graduate-school options, and admission expectations for the various fields. 

“I found the event super helpful,” said Long Nguyen, a health sciences pre-clinical major . “I was able to get great advice from a dentist on how to further expose myself to dentistry, and many other things that can enrich and strengthen my dental-school application”.