The Leadership Studies minor and certificate programs are new interdisciplinary academic programs that focus on developing several dimensions of leadership understanding and skills for undergraduate students. These programs have an extraordinary approach to leadership education that combines practical theories of leadership and learning to provide opportunities for students to study leadership development, group process, and ethical decision making.

The Leadership Studies minor and certificate include the required two credit hour courses: Introduction to Leadership (LDR 2001) and Intermediate Leadership (LDR 2002). These courses must come from a list of identified leadership courses offered among chosen colleges at UCF. The courses will include various topics and focus on specific aspects of leadership involving communication, collaboration, social relations, politics and ethics.

The Foundation of Leadership course, taught by Mark Poisel in Fall 2009, is the first core course for studying and learning about leadership for students in either the certificate or minor programs. Students will gain a basic understanding of major leadership theories, principles of leadership, and effective practices required in effective leadership such as communication, group behavior, problem-solving, decision making, conflict management, ethics and values. Learning outcomes for students graduating with a Leadership Studies Minor or Certificate are listed below:

Discipline Specific Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors and Values

1. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply basic terminology and concepts in leadership theories.

2. Graduates will be able to apply leadership theory to practice outside of the academic class environment.

3. Graduates will demonstrate understanding of diversity in the field of leadership studies.

Critical Thinking

4. Graduates will demonstrate and understanding of the empirical basis of leadership.

5. Graduates will analyze and think critically about scholarly research in leadership studies.


6. Graduates will understand the structure of formal, written leadership assignments, and demonstrate the ability to present information gathered from outside sources appropriately.

7. Graduates will demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills.

For more information, contact Ashley Eden, coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies, at: or call 407.823.0144.