The UCF College of Graduate Studies published its online 2020-21 annual report, sharing statistics and a snapshot of the range of services the college provides to our students and our colleges, from recruitment to graduation.

There are also student profiles that illustrate the range of exciting work our students are conducting in various fields. Short explainers on some of the colleges’ annual events such as the 3MT competition, Research Week, and everything in between are also included. Here’s a quick snapshot, but we encourage you to check out the report for more details.

UCF’s graduate community is diverse. Of the 10,000 graduate students in 2020:

  • 58% were women
  • 50% identified as white
  • 20% identified as mixed-race or declined to identify
  • About 19% identified as Hispanic
  • 11% identified as African American
  • About 10% were international students
  • 5% identified as Asian American

Postdoctoral scholars also are part of our rcommunity. A total of 163 call UCF home, including 128 who are funded through the Preeminent Scholar Program, also known as P3. The program offers faculty researchers an opportunity to bring new scholars to UCF by providing up to a 50% funding match towards the P3 postdoctoral scholar’s salary and benefits for two years, worth up to $66,000 in support. In addition, there is a one-time $5,000 award provided to the postdoctoral scholars for professional development.

Several students are featured in the annual report and others who earned prestigious awards throughout the year are also recognized.

The graduate student community was served by 1,111 faculty members and 264 faculty scholars, who are usually employees in the private sector. Some of those faculty and scholars are also featured in the report.