The Office of the Provost and the Office of Research have partnered to provide those conducting research and creative works at UCF a new resource — the Scholar Expertise Portal.

The portal allows faculty and students to see what kind of research and creative works their fellow colleagues are working on. You can search by individual faculty name or by topic.

“The true power of this portal comes for the ability to search topics or themes,” says Elizabeth Klonoff, vice president for Research. “We hope faculty and students will use it to find potential collaborators and synergies across disciplines to enhance research capacity. This is one of the tools we can use to help build interdisciplinary teams to tackle challenges that don’t lend themselves to one-discipline solutions.”

Jana Jasinski, vice provost for Faculty Excellence, says the portal aligns with President Alexander N. Cartwright’s vision of becoming the world’s leading public metropolitan research university.

“At UCF we recruit top scholars and researchers, and this is one way of showing our community the impact of what our faculty do,” says Jasinski. “This portal also provides an easy place to access their accomplishments for award and grant applications.”

The portal also gives users a quick snapshot of UCF’s overall research related numbers. Other data reported:

  • Books published
  • Conference proceedings
  • Book chapters
  • Clinical trials
  • Select awards
  • Patents

The academic information comes from daily web crawls generated by the vendor – Academic Analytics. The information will update every seven days.

Any questions about the academic data should be Jana Jasinski at . Questions about the platform or to report problems accessing the site, please contact Jason Kuhns at