The University of Central Florida College of Business Administration (#UCFBusiness) has launched a new curriculum and courses designed to provide more rigorous academic experiences and a stronger foundation of business skills. “Accounting for Decision Makers” (ACG 3173) is now a required course for all non-accounting business majors. The first class of 40 students launched in late June during the “Summer B” term.

The course is an integral part of the #UCFBusiness Primary Business Core, five required courses that help provide students a foundation in business and some direction for their chosen field of study.

“Accounting for Decision Makers provides all of our business students with an understanding of accounting when they enter the workplace,” said Ray Sturm, Ph.D., an associate lecturer of finance and the course instructor. “By introducing this much-needed class, we are giving our students the opportunity to learn how decisions affect accounting choices on financial information used by stakeholders.”

The class builds on material learned in accounting principles, familiarizes students with the business tax environment, and prepares students for more rigorous financial statement and business valuation analysis.

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