University of Central Florida fans, you can now #KnightYourRide with the university’s newly redesigned license tag.

The black-and-gold plates are now available in tax collectors’ offices across Florida.

The black plates prominently feature the “UCF” logo, with “University of Central Florida” and “Florida” in gold letters. It’s a great way for alumni, students, faculty and fans to show Knight pride while also supporting their university.

The plate represents an evolution in the old design, which featured the Pegasus seal. Those who already have a Pegasus plate can switch to the latest design. Fees will vary depending on how many years you’ve had your specialty plate.

For an extra state fee, fans can personalize their tags by choosing the numbers and letters that appear on it. Check here to see if your preferred five-character combo is available (sorry, CHGON and PGSUS are taken).

The UCF specialty tag has generated more than $6.1 million for the university since 1993. UCF uses the revenue from sales of the plate to benefit students, with the biggest share going to scholarships, including a fund for first-generation students.

Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph, whose office issues license plates, said UCF fans can pick up the new plate in person. For those renewing a tag, the easiest way to purchase the new plate is through his office’s Tag Express service, which allows Orange County customers to order the plate online and pick it up in person the same day without waiting in line.

“UCF fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newly designed plate, so the last thing we want you to do is wait in line when it’s time to renew. Use Tag Express to Knight Your Ride,” Randolph said.

Visit for more information and links to make an appointment at your county office.