William H. Greene, Ph.D., presented “Some Applications of Latent Class Modeling in Health Economics,” to a crowd of CBA faculty and students as part of the new Dean’s Seminar Series. Greene is the Robert Stansky Professor of Economics in the Stern School of Business at New York University. HIs primary research interests include econometrics, applied microeconomics, productivity, efficiency and production economics. He has published numerous influential articles in journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Political EconomyJournal of Econometrics, and Review of Economics and Statistics. Greene is well known to students and researchers in many disciplines as the author of Econometric Analysis, a standard textbook and reference in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Medical Research, Transport Research, Marketing, and Environmental Economics, to name just a few fields. He also is the developer of the LIMDEP and NLOGIT software programs which have long been leading packages for econometric and statistical analysis.