The University of Central Florida shared updates with students and their families about the Neptune Community residence halls on Thursday. UCF sent notices to the approximately 650 residents Thursday evening with information about the three buildings in the Neptune Community.

  • The largest building, Building 158, will be ready for the approximately 254 residents to move in starting Saturday.
  • Work continues on Building 157, and residents have been asked to delay a possible move-in until Sunday to give crews the maximum time to finish the final work. If residents must arrive before Sunday, they will be provided temporary UCF housing.
  • Building 156 will not be ready this weekend, and the about 200 residents will be temporarily placed in the Towers at Knights Plaza.
  • We expect that any buildings that do not open by Saturday will be open very early in the fall semester.

    Students in temporary housing will have the option to move into Neptune once their room is ready or remain in their temporary room for the fall and spring semesters at their current rent.

    If they choose to move, we will provide them with assistance and supplies, along with flexibility in moving dates. Students also may choose to remain at home or stay with friends until their residence hall opens, and in those cases we would only charge them rent for the days when their residence hall is open.

    “Students and their families have been remarkably patient and understanding as we work to complete the Neptune Community,” said UCF spokesperson Grant J. Heston. “Our team won’t rest until our students are taken care of.”

    More information and the answers to frequently asked questions will be available soon at