With Spring 2021 classes beginning Jan. 11, UCF Housing and Residence Life, student residents, and other university departments all play important roles in promoting good health and well-being on campus, while helping to mitigate risks related to the coronavirus.

Throughout the semester, UCF will collaborate with Orange County health experts and epidemiologists to update its response plan for COVID-19.

Spring 2021 move-in takes place Jan. 7- 10. If students have not already scheduled their move-in appointment, they can do so by logging into the Housing Portal and clicking on the Spring 2021 Move-in Appointment button under Housing Quick Links. Once a move-in appointment has been selected, an email will be sent confirming the time and date. Students must pre-register online for their required COVID-19 test prior to arriving on campus, which is free during the designated move-in period. Instructions are on the move-in page of housing’s website. Residents who are unable to arrive between Jan. 7-10 must call the COVID line at 407-823-2509 to make alternate testing arrangements, which will be at students’ own expense.

Move-in appointments will be limited by floor and/or community to reduce physical interactions. Residents are encouraged to quarantine for two weeks before their arrival to help reduce chances of exposure to the coronavirus.

During the move-in process, residents must wear face coverings and will be allowed to bring no more than two individuals, who are also asked to wear face coverings, with them for assistance.

Before arriving on campus, it’s important to become familiar with other requirements from UCF Housing, as well as updates to the department’s Community Living Guide. It is very important for students to review the move-in section of the housing website, which will be updated with important information regarding arrival, testing, check-in, unloading zones and overnight parking.

Occupancy | Move-in | Wellness, Safety and Cleaning | Response for Positive Cases 


  • Overall occupancy across all UCF Housing and Residence Life units has been reduced. About 7,000 residents will live in UCF properties across the main, downtown and Rosen campuses during Spring 2021.
  • As the coronavirus’ impact remains dynamic, UCF is prepared to move to more remote learning and working as needed. However, UCF Housing intends to remain open throughout the Spring 2021 semester, as long as it is safe to do so.
  • Towers at Knights Plaza, NorthView, Rosen Apartments and UnionWest will remain at regular occupancy since the majority of these units offer single bedroom and bathroom units or single bedroom and shared bathroom units.
  • Nike, Hercules and Libra communities have converted many of the shared bedrooms to single rooms for reduced occupancy.
  • Residents were required to acknowledge they read a housing addendum that outlines responsibilities and requirements, such as maintaining good hygiene habits, physical distancing, wearing a mask when necessary, completing testing as requested and disclosing COVID-19 infection status to Student Health Services, prior to move-in.
  • Residents will only have access to the building they are assigned to and service spaces, such as staff offices, laundry rooms and mail centers, affiliated with their buildings.
  • Off-campus guests or visitors will not be permitted in any residential buildings after move-in. Residents are allowed to have one guest from their assigned building in their room at a time.
  • If residents break any of these and other rules outlined in the addendum, housing staff will prompt them to correct their actions, and if necessary, consequences will be faced through the conduct process. If a resident becomes aware of misconduct they should report it to their RA or community office.
  • UCF Housing is working to plan virtual events and potential in-person events that follow physical distancing and safety guidelines.



  • Residents must log into the housing portal and click on the Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing and Move-in button. Once the student selects a move-in appointment they will receive an email. Students must then pre-register online for free COVID-19 testing between Jan. 7-10 prior to their arrival on campus. Residents who have stayed over the winter break will be able to sign up for testing on Jan. 6. Students who cannot be tested until after Jan. 10 must contact SHS to set up testing, which will be at their own expense, with Aventus BioLabs. Further instructions are on the move-in page of housing’s website.
  • If a resident arrives after the published testing hours, they will not be permitted to move into their spring space at their assigned time. They will need to secure housing on their own until they can complete their COVID-19 test with the university.
  • COVID-19 testing will be administered by COVID Testing LLC, an Orlando-based company that partners with local labs. This will be a rapid nasal test. Results should be available in 15-20 minutes and will be sent electronically to the student.
  • Students on the main campus will need to go to Garage D and precede to the area near Addition Financial Arena for testing. Residents at UCF Downtown and Rosen campuses should refer to move-in webpages for information specific to their housing units. Testing site information for each UCF Downtown and Rosen resident will be communicated to them before arrival.
  • Students will be required to show a negative test result before they will be allowed to move into their assigned housing community.
  • Students who test positive will be instructed to come back for further testing and will work with SHS to determine a proper course of action. Students may be given the option of quarantining at home or staying in one of the campus isolation spaces.

Moving Procedures

  • Students and no more than two accompanying helpers should wear face coverings throughout the move-in appointment.
  • After testing, residents who have tested negative should proceed to their campus’ housing station, which is in Garage D on main campus. Students will have to show a negative test result and they’ve completed the COVID Self-Checker before receiving a wristband that will allow them to check into their assigned housing community.
  • Once at their assigned housing community, students will complete check-in, have their UCF ID encoded and move into their rooms. New residents will also be provided one free, reusable face covering for use throughout the semester.
  • After move-in there will be a virtual community meeting for residents to meet their resident advisors and neighbors and learn about upcoming events in UCF Housing and on campus.
  • More information about move-in can be found UCF Housing will also provide residents with other details regarding move-in appointment sign-up and procedures via email.

Wellness, Cleaning and Safety

  • Residents must complete the COVID Self-Checker each day they are in their on-campus residence. The COVID Self-Checker can be accessed through the UCF Mobile app or online.
  • Throughout the semester if a resident begins to experience symptoms or comes in contact who someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they should contact the UCF COVID Line at 407-823-2509 to determine a course of action.
  • Consistent with other return to campus plans, high-touch point and communal spaces cleaning will be increased. Wellness dividers will be used in community offices and administrative spaces where students may need to visit in-person.
  • Housing facilities staff have completed required Environment Health and Safety COVID-19 training and will complete daily self-assessments before reporting to work.
  • Requirements such as physical distancing and face coverings in common areas will be enforced.
  • Air filters in UCF’s residential units have been upgraded to MERV 9, which captures bacteria, spores and viruses.

Response for Positive Cases

  • Throughout the semester, residents who test positive for COVID-19 should stay in their room and contact the UCF COVID Line at 407-823-2509. A UCF Housing staff member will contact them with additional instructions. UCF staff will also enter their unit to determine if decontamination or disinfection needs to occur.
  • COVID-19 positive residents will be required to isolate for the required time recommend by the UCF COVID Line or until they receive medical clearance to return to their housing assignment.
  • More than 150 beds on university-managed properties will be reserved for students who test positive or are presumptive positive and need to quarantine. Students should have a plan for isolating off campus in the event they test positive. Space will be limited on campus.
  • UCF Dining has developed a wellness plan, which includes a continental breakfast, a boxed lunch and hot dinner, for students in isolation. The plan will automatically be available to students who have signed up for a meal plan and will be available for purchase by others.

As COVID information is rapidly evolving, residents are encouraged to check the Department of Housing and Residence Life website for the most updated information. For the latest information about returning to campus, visit UCF’s coronavirus and Returning to UCF websites. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be required to complete the COVID Self-Checker — available via the UCF mobile app or online — each day before arriving to campus.