Here’s what Pietrus had to say about UCF:

“I got a chance to see Marcus Jordan play, and the whole team. Obviously I’m going to go back when they play and give them that support. I hope they have a great season. They have a great school. I love UCF. Seriously, I love UCF. I never had a chance to play college, but I’m trying to enjoy it as a pro. I go to the games, sit down, watch the younger players grow up. That’s amazing for me.

“I thought nobody saw me. I love going to UCF. You go to UCF, you go watch the game, you stop by Red Brick Pizza and get a nice pizza and a coke. Seriously, you will be good to go. It’s fun. They’re young, they have energy, the fans are supporting them, and I’m going to support them too. I’m going to start wearing a UCF T-shirt. I love UCF.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel, blog posted by Iliana Limón on Dec 8, 2009 9:28:47 AM; Photo: Pietrus celebrates hitting a 3-pointer during last season’s NBA playoffs. Credit: Gary W. Green / Orlando Sentinel.