“A leader’s job is to look into the future and see the organization not as it is, but as it should be.” UCF’s Black Faculty and Staff Association consistently operated around Jack Welch’s sage words. On October 10, the BFSA held a plaque dedication ceremony to honor the past presidents of the association and to recognize the legacy and contributions of the BFSA. The association’s mission is to “promote an environment which fosters cultural sensitivity and enrichment by providing quality programming, networking opportunities and guidance to UCF’s black students, faculty and staff: and the greater university community.” The organization was established in the mid 1970’s and was identified as the Association of Black Employees, however, the focus of the organization changed in the ‘90s  and the organization was renamed the Black Faculty and Staff Association.

During the ceremony, Dr. John C. Hitt shared contributions that have been made by the organization within the university community which include: the annual Black Faculty and Staff Mentoring Breakfast, the Legacy Mentoring Program, programs and workshops for faculty and staff members, student scholarships, and leadership development programs for students. Thirteen past presidents were present and recognized during the event. Honorees, BFSA members and the UCF community watched the unveiling which was followed by a reception.

The plaque, which now hangs statuesquely on the second floor of Millican Hall, has provided the BFSA an opportunity to be recognized for its historical context at UCF. The organization is committed to continue as a strong voice and advocate that provides an environment of cultural sensitivity and enrichment for faculty, staff and students at UCF.

Acknowledgement of Black Faculty and Staff Association Presidents 1978 – 2011:

  • John Cummings
  • Tommy Nelson
  • John T. Washington
  • Hugh P. Martin
  • Melvin Rogers
  • Gregory Hall
  • Pamela McCauley Bell (Bush)
  • Peter Delfyett
  • Martha S. Lue (Stewart)
  • The following presidents are featured on the BFSA plaque:

  • Cheryl Green
  • Patricia Pates
  • Rebekah McCloud
  • Valarie King
  • Alzo Reddick
  • Anthony Major
  • John Pittman
  • A.J. Range
  • DeLaine Priest
  • Belinda Boston
  • Joseph Andrews