More than 4,000 students graduated from UCF on Aug. 3, and many of them found their own way to stand out among the crowd at commencement ceremonies by decorating their caps. Whether UCF’s newest alumni drew inspiration from quotes, gave a nod to their future career or thanked their families and pets, here’s a sampling of some of this year’s best that were caught on camera. (Photos by Carly McCarthy ’14,  Nicholas Leyva ’15 and Rhiana Raymundo ’19)

decorated grad cap: Nurse because Dog Mom Isn't a Career

Decorated grad cap: Forky from Toy Story 4 "This Degree is Not Trash"

Decorated Grad Cap: I'm an [two crossed out mispellings of engineer] I'm good @ math

decorated grad cap: Next week's no good for me. The Jonas Brothers are in town

decorated grad cap: My degree, your future with photo of mom and baby daughter

Decorated grad cap: Gracias Mami y paip! Por Vos, Para Vos!

decorated grad cap with flowers: Charge On

decorated grad cap: See you at the bar with scales of justice

Decorated grad cap: Home is where the Navy sends me