Members of the College of Health and Public Affairs unleashed their inner buccaneer Wednesday at the college’s Annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon at the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center.

This year’s theme — pirates — prompted many to dress as scallywags and lasses. Those who arrived without an eye patch promptly received one at the door.

Adding to the ambience were tables decorated with treasure boxes, jewels and doubloons. Music and scenes from the film Pirates of the Caribbean played in the background. The buffet luncheon included sweet plantains.

Each spring, the college holds the luncheon for its staff members to recognize their contributions throughout the year. College administrators and faculty members are invited to attend as well to honor the staff’s efforts.

Dean Mike Frumkin donned a hat fit for a top swashbuckler to lead the festivities. Among the highlights were his announcement of the college’s Employee of the Year Awards to Katie Connolly, Ranetta Guinn and Vanessa Nixon. Each award comes with a $1,000 check.

He also announced the ever-popular door prizes, which included gift cards to local stores, coupons for local accommodations and a print by famed Florida photographer Clyde Butcher.

At the conclusion, Frumkin extended his thanks to the college’s hard-working committees that planned the event and coordinated the employee-of-the-year-award selections.

Before leaving, pirates and landlubbers alike posed for photos against a backdrop certain to elicit memories of the fun-filled event.

View Abi Bell’s photos of the luncheon.