Top: Meikai University; Middle: Kinjo Gakuin University; Bottom: Osaka University of Economics

Rosen College proudly partners with leading educational institutions around the globe.  Recently, the college welcomed visitors from three universities in Japan: Kinjo Gakuin University, Meikai University and the Osaka University of Economics.

Kinjo Gakuin University is a  private women’s university. Mr. Shigeo Nakatani led the delegation who toured tourism and hospitality facilities in Central Florida and visited Rosen College to exchange views.

Meikai University is located next to Tokyo Disneyland in the City of Urayasu, a sister-city of Orlando. UCF and Meikai maintain successful student-exchange programs and their Hospitality and Tourism department was established with design and curriculum input from Rosen’s Dean, Dr. Abraham Pizam. Each year, Meikai sends students to UCF’s Center for Multi-lingual Multicultural Studies.

The Osaka University of Economics (OUE), is located in the heart of Oska, the second largest city in Japan.  Their motto is “Linking with society” and UCF is proud to be one of the 27 universities that OUE partners with for international exchange. Dr. Osamu Lemoto, the new Dean of Information Management Department, attended and enjoyed his visit.  UCF and OUE are exploring mutual student and faculty exchanges.