Six of the 35 students selected for UCF’s 2011-2012 President’s Leadership Council (PLC) attend the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

The students were chosen for their excellence in leadership, scholarship and service to both UCF and the Orlando community. Selected by a committee of faculty, staff and students, the council members serve as ambassadors for the university and for President John C. Hitt’s office.

Rosen College Dean Dr. Abraham Pizam shares, “We are very proud that so many of our students were selected to serve on the President’s Leadership Council and thus live up to the core values of our college: professionalism, leadership and service.”

We warmly congratulate the following students:

  • Lisa Bartholomew – Senior, Minor: Hospitality Management
  • Jennifer Black – Senior, Hospitality Management and Dance
  • Gary Bruckner – Junior, Hospitality Management
  • Latoya Jackson — 2011-2012 Chair – Senior, Event Management
  • Joel Joseph – Senior, Hospitality Management
  • Sara York – Senior, Event Management
  • President Hitt describes, “The accomplishments of the PLC members, as well as their commitment, energy, and positive attitudes about UCF and its development, are truly distinctive.”

    Student members in the PLC have hosted university functions, toured distinguished guests and helped recruit new students.

    Select Rosen College PLC members chose to weigh in on the honor:

  • “Since joining the President’s Leadership Council, I have had the pleasure to serve and interact with important individuals from both the UCF and local community, giving me opportunities to further utilize my hospitality skills and represent Rosen through gaining additional proficiency in Professionalism, Leadership and Service.” — Jennifer Black
  • “Being a Rosen College student, I bring a different insight to the council and having involvement with events and planning, I feel that Rosen students are best suited for this position. You meet so many people when you work different events for the president and you learn so much while being on the board, that you can take into the real world.” – Joel Joseph
  • “Living at the Rosen College my freshman year, I credit this experience for my desire to get involved in the UCF community. Rosen provided me with the people skills, communication skills and the opportunities to discover my passion for student leadership.” — Sara York
  • For more information on the council, please click here.