Finding the right classes can be stressful when it comes time to register, but a new tool makes building a schedule a breeze.

Even before registration for the Fall semester opens on Monday, students already can use mySchedule Builder to design their dream course schedule. Once a student’s registration appointment opens, all that remains is to lock in the classes.

Here’s how it works: Students access mySchedule Builder from the “Student Self Service” section after logging in to myUCF from their computer or mobile device. After students select every class they want, mySchedule Builder will scan every section for each class and generate every possible schedule, with no overlapping class times.

But real-world college students have more going on in their hectic lives than just classes, and mySchedule Builder lets them plan for that, too. Users can set times they aren’t available, and mySchedule Builder will only show class times that don’t conflict with those breaks. Since mySchedule Builder launched this week, students have already set up breaks for work, study time, ROTC – even “no math before 10.”

Students have the option to narrow their choices so, for instance, they’re shown only courses taught at a particular campus, or by a particular professor, or only online.

“It gives students the opportunity to create the ideal course schedule for their lives,” UCF Registrar Brian Boyd said.

The tool is already in use at some other college campuses. At the University of Alabama and the University of Connecticut, students who used the new schedule builder were more likely to take additional credit hours – five classes instead of four, for example.

Boyd said that may be because mySchedule Builder makes it simpler to find a schedule where five classes don’t overlap.