As the clock began to wind down at the 2006 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, many of the UCF football team’s graduating seniors witnessed their dreams of glory vanish. For a team that had come so far, they would be left broken-hearted. One football senior in particular would soon begin life in a different kind of field. Offensive guard Sean Gilhuly had prepared himself to be successful both on the field and in the classroom. And now he’s giving back as a President’s Circle donor.

Playing football for the UCF Knights reinforced Sean’s competitiveness and drive for success. Only two and a half years after the intense experience of the Hawaii Bowl, Sean is excelling in his chosen field. His education in Management Information Systems, along with his drive to be the best, has led him to a leadership position at Robert Half International. “Being part of Robert Half International has introduced me to contacts that I will have for the rest of my life,” said Sean.

Sean has moved on from UCF, but hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He recently made a commitment to join the President’s Circle giving society with a gift of $1,000. “Being successful on or off the field is important, but not forgetting where you came from is the most important. Giving to the UCF Annual Fund has helped me achieve this,” Sean explained.

During his tenure as an offensive lineman for the Knights, Sean was committed to leading the way for others. Sean is continuing his leadership by encouraging others to become President’s Circle donors.

The President’s Circle recognizes those that make a difference. Impacting education is rewarding to all those involved. These contributions make possible new laboratories, advancements in technology, and scholarships for students. These $1,000 gifts affect the overall well-being of UCF faculty, staff and students.