UCF’s graduate-level video game program is ranked second in the nation by The Princeton Review and GamePro Media—and you’re about to find out why. For their final projects, students at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) create playable videos game from the ground-up. What did they come up with this time? Check out these trailers and see for yourself.


A third-person action/adventure game, Nexus takes players through the exploration of an underground city, where they fight enemy spiders and figure out puzzles.

Watch the Nexus Trailer.


An immersive trip through a dark land, Scarfell is a narrated fighting game where you protect your lit torch from enemies trying to extinguish it. Turn up the volume because the music is the star in this game.

Watch the Scarfell Trailer.

Dead West

Dead West has been described as a relentless fighting game—a challenging one—set in the dying days of the old West. This game requires some serious skills in order to defend your camp from the onslaught of possessed carnival workers.

Watch the Dead West Trailer.

1 Game. 20 People.

What does it take to make a video game? Imagine 20 students all coming together to approach different aspects of a game, from music to character design to programming and more. It took these teams about seven months to create the games that will become part of their portfolios when they hit the job market—and this semester, another 66 students entered the academy.

You’ve seen the trailers, but what about the concept art? And who are the driven students who made these games happen? You can learn more about the games and the teams at wemakecoolgames.com.

See for yourself.

You can talk to future teams, hear about the process and watch them play their games live and in person. It’s free and open to the public. Mark your calendar for this December, with a specific date to be announced.

To learn more about FIEA, visit http://www.fiea.ucf.edu.