UCF’s Student Government Association has launched a new campaign to curb distracted driving among students called “Put Down Ur Cell Fone.”

The campaign kicks off Monday, Oct. 25, with a series of speakers and promotional items from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside in front of the Student Union. During the event and through the rest of the month, SGA will also be collecting signatures from students for a petition against driving while talking or texting on cell phones.

“SGA is passionate about this cause because individuals in the under-20 age group are the most at risk of distracted driving, followed by drivers ages 20 to 29,” said Kayla Torpey, SGA’s public relations specialist.

SGA hopes to decrease the risk across Central Florida by educating the UCF community and Greater Orlando area, its officials say.

“It is important that students become educated on the dangers of distracted driving,” said SGA Vice President Taylor Lochrane. “Our hope is that this campaign prevents accidents that result from distracted driving and makes the university a safer environment for everyone.”

The SGA Senate has passed a resolution making OCT 25 official “distracted driving awareness day.”

Speakers for the Oct. 25 event include a representative from the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as invited local officials and professional sports players.

“Distracted driving endangers many people, and sending one text message isn’t worth the risk,” said Latoya Jackson, SGA’s director of Student Affairs.

UCF SGA is a representative body modeled after the U.S. government. Through its three branches: executive, legislative and judicial, SGA aims to represent student issues and concerns at all levels of university decision-making. SGA is constantly creating new services and initiatives to make campus life better for all UCF Knights.

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