The UCF Interfraternity Council (IFC) had each of its 18 organizations set up along the Memory Mall lawn for Spring Rush. The January 18-21 event was a success with over 400 students registered and almost 300 new additions to the Greek community. “It was great to see all fraternities together in one location, recruiting the future leaders of UCF,” said Adam Brock, IFC president.

The three-day event, which began at 8 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m. each evening, saw such outstanding numbers even though the third day was cancelled to due unsafe weather conditions, Greek life is still a growing, thriving part of student life at UCF.

“Canceling the last night of Rush was unfortunate, but we had to think of our members’ safety first,” said Andrew Capranos, vice president of recruitment. “In the end, it looks like everyone got the number of new members they were hoping for or more.”

With such a large, open, and centralized location, the event attracted a diverse cross-section of the UCF community, as well as the attention of many individuals in the student body who would not have investigated Greek life otherwise. This eye-opening experience was beneficial to both individuals and organizations spreading the positive message of IFC and Greek life across the UCF campus as well as the Greater Orlando area. 

Nick Candaffio, Phi Gamma Delta president, summed up the event stating, “I think the higher exposure of Rush at Memory Mall was beneficial, not only to our chapter, but to the entire Greek community. It was the best Spring Rush I have seen in three years.”