UCF’s Student Development and Enrollment Services has made it easier for students to get help managing their stress before it could derail their career at the university.

The program, Student Care Services, is a new collaboration of departments on campus to ensure the wellbeing of UCF’s more than 60,000 students so their academic and personal success is not affected.

Students who have problems such as difficulty with economic or personal responsibilities, an unexpected health or financial issue, or who even just want to become more involved or connected on campus can find help.

The goal of the program is to intervene “before a student reaches crisis level and ensure the safety of both the student and the UCF community,” said Maribeth Ehasz, vice president in charge of SDES.

When a student reaches out, the Student Care Services team develops tailored action plans for individual success. Staff also coordinate referrals to campus and community resources, and provide education and outreach to university and community members.

Student Care Services also oversees UCF Cares, an umbrella of care programs and resources to foster a caring university community. The UCF Cares’ focus is more on safety and wellbeing, respect, sexual violence and mental health as part of its goal “to build a culture of care one Knight at a time.”

For a complete list of services offered by Student Care Services, go to http://scs.sdes.ucf.edu/. The office is in Ferrell Commons Room 142.

If any parents, student, or faculty and staff member have concerns about a student on campus, they should file a Student of Concern report available on the Student Care Services site. For reporting emergency and life-threatening situations, contact the UCF Police. 

For more information about the programs, contact caremanager@ucf.edu or call 407-823-5607.