The Student Ambassadors at the UCF College of Business Administration (#UCFBusiness) are disrupting the culture to ensure students get a more robust experience and take advantage of the resources available to help them be more competitive in their chosen careers. The event will run from Monday, September 14, 2015 through Thursday, September 24, 2015.

At #UCFBusiness, students are challenged to “Get to the ONE” and the ambassadors will be asking students to share how they will achieve their goals become “the one”. The initiative, called “I am the ONE” will involve students sharing what they are doing — such as internships, mentoring, leadership roles and other activities – to help themselves to be in a position to step out and get an advantage in their careers. Students will write these ideas on index cards which will then be on display and shared through various #UCFBusiness social media platforms to provide other students with ideas and inspiration for their own plan.

“Students need to be involved in programs, clubs, and activities outside of the classroom to develop and refine the skills that help them better communicate, collaborate, take risks, use data and information, make better decisions, and solve problems,” points out Paul Jarley, Ph.D., dean of the college. “Our ambassadors are on the front line to ensure that students can’t hide here and that we are building a culture that rejects apathy and encourages students to be engaged.”

The events created by the ambassadors are inspired by Dean Jarley’s four promises to the College of Business students. These promises are that the college will provide: 1) challenging experiences, 2) an entrepreneurial culture, 3) access to thought leadership and 4) a unique place of opportunity. Throughout the semester, the student ambassadors will conduct a variety of disruptive programs that will reach out and engage students in a manner to encourage and challenge them to become more involved.

“We are committed to helping students get outside their comfort zone and engage with each other to achieve their goals and so much more,” said Casey Field, current president of the ambassadors.  “Stepping out of the classroom and becoming a part of the UCF College of Business community will always enhance your learning experience.”