While most UCF students took the Winter Break to relax, five UCF students volunteered their time to participate in UCF’s Winter Externship Program during the week of December 17. The Externship Program gives students an opportunity to explore specific career fields and industries through observing and working with local employers. 

The students were hosted by Eastern Range organizations: Weapons System Integration Test & Operations; Logistics & Supply Chain Management; Facility Engineering; and Support Equipment Mechanical Engineering. UCF mechanical engineering majors Rene De La Cruz and Gillian Smith, aerospace major Anthony Cotto, business major Samuel Cunningham and MBA student Ryan Weber job shadowed ER employees and toured Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center while on their externship.

During the week, the externs witnessed the movement of two Test Instrumentation (TI) Masts from Dockside to Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Plant and the installation of a Dockside Console.  The TI Mast had recently been used and was moved to its storage location at the LOX Plant where maintenance will be performed in preparation for future use.  The externs also toured several buildings and had the opportunity to examine the Missile, Guidance, RB Handling and Transportation Equipment and observed the ongoing testing. 

The externship is offered through the Career Services office in the Division of Stduent Development and Enrollment Services. Students do not receive any compensation or academic credit for this externship, but rather they gain valuable firsthand information about a career field and have the opportunity to begin networking within that field.