The University of Central Florida’s 2011 Student Research Week, held March 28 through April 1, celebrated the research and creative projects of UCF undergraduate and graduate students.  Rosen College of Hospitality Management participants included:

Graduate Research Forum

  • Students Anil Bilgihan, Marketa Kubickova, Matt Boseo, and Kevin Murphy, Ph.D., “There is No ‘I’ in Recovery: Managements’ Perspective of Service Recovery.” Dr. Murphy served as mentor for the research and shares, “They are all bright students with a promising career in the hospitality and tourism field.”
  • Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

  • Students Nikki Olson and Audris Bol: “Exploring the Process of Discharge within the Adult Hospital Setting.” Faculty Mentor was Denver Severt, Ph.D.
  • Students Allyssa Anderson and Trevor Sorbo: “Mobilizing Your Marketing and Commerce Strategies: A Research Study to Inform the Hospitality Industry.”  Faculty Mentor was James Hogg, Ph.D.
  • Panel Discussion

  • Dr. Deborah Breiter participated in the “Career Paths in Research” panel discussion.  She joined UCF faculty from a variety of disciplines who shared information about their diverse paths that led to careers as researchers.