Fall 2010 marked an exciting start for the Lead Out Loud Program, armed with money from the SDES CREED grant, the program was ready to meet the leadership needs of the UCF student population. Understanding that leadership needs of students can rapidly change, the Lead Out Loud Program introduced a new initiative developed by both staff and students – Etiquette Week. Etiquette Week proved to be a much needed opportunity for students to cultivate effective networking skills, discover their leadership strengths and form a plan to maximize the use of their strengths, and to create dynamic resumes that accurately describe their leadership skills and potential.

Additionally, Lead Out Loud hosted the 2nd Annual Family Weekend event “The Production” that provided multicultural organizations and students an opportunity to showcase their talents to family and friends. As UCF student leaders constantly strive to lead their respective organizations and improve their leadership skills. Lead Out Loud has provided leadership consulting services to more than 10 organizations, and seeks to continue and expand leadership consulting services in the future.

The future for the Lead Out Loud Program holds a variety of opportunities for UCF students to engage in leadership through the 3rd Annual Student Leadership Summit and 4th Annual Leadership Retreat, both held in the 2011 spring semester.