Just in time for Halloween, the sale will contain several one-of-a-kind costumes that have been seen in UCF productions in recent years.

There will also be a silent auction before this year’s regular sale, during Theatre UCF’s production of The Underpants. Several of the more elaborate and ornate costumes from the past year will be available for purchase. Among these highly anticipated items are the pink petal dress worn by the character Luisa in Theatre UCF’s production of The Fantasticks, the Lizardman costume from Sideshow, and the dress worn by Kate Ingram as “The Woman” in Spring Awakening. The Underpants runs from September 19-October 5 and the costumes will be on display during the entire run of the show. Any items won in the silent auction can be picked up the week after October 7.

Dan Jones, the manager of Theatre UCF’s costume shop, explains the variety of costumes that will be available at the sale. “We’ll be selling a lot from last fall’s production of Side Show, but there will also be many items from the dance concert, and from other past shows and seasons. Most of the items will cost between two and five dollars.”

Side Show, a musical performed last year on the UCF stage, featured many colorful, crazy circus costumes. The musical showcased several “freaky” costumes, most notably several partner costumes for a set of female twins. Costume pieces can be bought as a set, or mixed and matched to create an entirely new design.

The costume sale helps raise funds for the theatre department. All of the sale’s proceeds benefit the costume shop, providing a budget for future productions, particularly those with students working as designers, like the dance concert, and graduate thesis productions.

The public is welcome to shop at the sale. Cash is preferred, but checks will be accepted. No credit cards can be accepted.

More Information:

Date: Friday, October 18, 2013; 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Performing Arts Center – Theatre; Small Design Room (2nd floor)

Cost: Open to the public

For more information about Theatre UCF, visit http://theatre.ucf.edu.

Contact: Heather Gibson, Theatre UCF; 407-823-1732, heather.gibson@ucf.edu