Don’t be alarmed, the zombies on the UCF campus aren’t real. They are merely actors playing the role of zombies in Theatre UCF’s production of Zombie Town: A Documentary Play.  The new comedy will run Nov. 15-18, Nov. 29-30, and Dec. 1-2.  

The play centers around a pretentious San Francisco theatre collective that travels to Harwood, Texas, to retell the story of the small town’s recent zombie invasion. The collective is presenting a play and each member of the collective comically re-enacts the experience through the eyes of several townspeople. The play-within-a-play has five UCF students acting the 25 roles at a very fast pace.

“This play gives students a chance to practice playing multiple roles and personalities that quickly change from one character to the next,” said director Jim Helsinger. “This is difficult to do and an acquired skill.”

BFA Musical Theatre student Jeffrey Peacock plays five characters in the show. He uses several methods to keep them distinct: each character has his own identity, they all speak differently and carry themselves differently. “The physical props and costumes help me keep the roles straight—one wears a bowtie, another has glasses, someone wears a lab coat…,” said Peacock. “The hardest thing has been finding the character and not the caricature for each role.”

In addition to the student roles, audience members might want to keep their eyes open for surprise guest appearances by community members and university officials.

Unlike many of the other plays on the Theatre UCF season schedule, Zombie Town isn’t asking theatre-goers to examine deeper issues. It’s a comedy, pure and simple.

Helsinger encourages community members to attend. “When the zombie apocalypse comes, will YOU be ready? See this play and know what to do! Zombie Town is a really funny play with wonderful roles for college students. It’s going to be a blast for students and community members to come see.” The show may not be appropriate for children, however.

To purchase tickets or for ticket information call the box office at 407-823-1500. Standard tickets are $20 ($18 for seniors; $10 for students) and group rates are available.

Production at a glance:

Zombie Town: A Documentary Play

By Tim Bauer

Directed by Jim Helsinger

Nov. 15, 16, 17, 29, 30, Dec. 1, at 8 pm

Nov. 18, Dec. 1, 2, at 2 pm

Black Box Theatre


Price: Standard $20, Senior $18, Student $10; Group discounts available


Address: 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando FL 32816

Box Office Phone: (407) 823-1500

Box Office Hours: Monday through Friday:  noon to 6 p.m. and 2 hours before performances


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