The staff of UCF’s Western Region Campuses recently held the team’s annual retreat at the College of Medicine, focusing on the theme “Fit for Excellence: Presenting Our Best Selves in the Workplace.”

Discussions and activities centered on strategies to maximize health and wellness in the work environment, including the team’s creation of a list of 50 tips that any employee can put to use. As they work to become “Fit for Excellence,” they wanted to share their tips below for others to use.

“A staff that is healthy in mind, body and spirit is much more likely to radiate excellence in its service to others,” said CeCe Rivers, assistant vice president of the Western Region Campuses, comprised of Leesburg, South Lake and Ocala.

The team’s 50 Health & Wellness Tips

1) Walk at least 30 minutes every day

2)  Take the stairs instead of the elevator

3) Stand more; sit less

4) Create a spreadsheet to track daily activities

5) Wear a pedometer

6)  Send an anonymous compliment

7) Drink plenty of water

8) Walk daily around the campus

9) Park farther away from the building

10) Keep healthy snacks at desk

11) Exercise at  desk

12) Use the bathroom farthest from office

13) Eat lunch with a co-worker

14) Say something good to someone every day

15) Say “please” and “thank you”

16) Go to the doctor when symptoms occur

17) Give eyes a break from the computer

18) Participate in community walks/runs

19) Walk to co-worker’s office instead of calling or sending an email

20) Send/read a daily affirmation

21) Grow live plants in the office

22) Walk each floor of the building daily

23) Lose/gain 5 pounds towards healthy weight goal

24) Use BPA-free products

25) Schedule annual physical check-ups

26) Learn CPR

27) Practice mindfulness

28) Use hand wipes after touching public handles

29) Smile and laugh more

30) Wear comfortable shoes

31) Read for pleasure

32) Take a moment to squat

33) Start each day with a nutritious breakfast

34) Evaluate and change your meal regimens

35) Evaluate proper desk set up for ergonomics

36) Participate in a daily Step Group

37) Take out-of-office and out-of-building breaks

38) Use toilet seat covers

39) Sanitize keyboards, mouse and phone regularly

40) Get a good night’s sleep

41) Switch to natural sugars

42) Try vegetarian options

43) Laugh with others not at others

44) Take de-stressing breaths on the hour

45) Stretch

46) Display a positive screensaver on desktop

47)  Don’t take work home

48) Stop making excuses

49) Find some “me” time on a daily basis

50)  Find a happy place from within yourself